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*Please note this novella has been previously released in the Feel the Heat Anthology.

I'm so excited to release the very first book in my new series, Love & Other Disasters! WALK OF SHAME tells the story of the Ashley, the girl everyone loves to hate, and Christopher, Chad's brother in DEBAUCHED, find their own happily ever after.  

How about a little backstory?

As you know, Ashley is a character that appears in both CRAVE and DEBAUCHED, and I'll be honest, I didn't like her much.  On the list of heroine's I wanted to write, she hovered somewhere down at the very bottom of the list.  When I wrote her, she seemed a little vapid and self-involved, like a character in the movie Mean Girls.

What? Isn't this the best way to sell you a book? Is this, like, not a good marketing plan?

Anyway, when the opportunity arose, she kept popping into my head.  I rejected her numerous times because she didn't interest me, but she kept coming back and soon all other ideas paled in comparison. See, I knew she was selfish and all about me, me, me!

So with a very authory sigh, I opened the page and let her emerge. And I have to be honest with you (Because I've obviously been holding back with you so far), I loved her.  She was smart, funny, sassy and misunderstood.  I had no idea she hid so much or felt so strongly. No wonder she wanted to be heard.  As soon as I started writing her she came alive for me and spilled out all her secrets and fears.  Well, the rest was history, because there was no way I wasn't giving her a happily ever after.  Damn it, she deserves a man that will treat her right.

Enter Christoper Fellows. And, as Ashley says…

We first met Christopher in DEBAUCHED. He was Chad's cute, sweet, innocent looking brother.  The good one. The nice one. But we all know the truth, don't we? It's always the quiet ones that surprise us. And Christopher is no exception to that rule.

Unlike Ashley, I wanted to write Christopher as soon as I met him. (Psst… I totally have plans for the oldest Fellows' brother, Cameron. I'm actually kind of jonesing to write him but he'll have to wait his turn.) But Christopher just seemed a little too good and I wanted to see what was underneath that- aww-shucks-aren't-I-adorable– demeanor.

Let me tell you, he did not disappoint.


So in the end, Ashley was right.  She deserved her story and I think Christopher is the perfect hero for her.  And I hope you'll check it out for yourself. If you do, send me a note and let me know what you thought, I'd love to hear from you.

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Walk of Shame

Walk of Shame

Series: Love & Other Disasters #1

Release Date: Janauary 10, 2017

Genre: adult, contemporary romance


Average rating on Goodreads: 3.77 stars

Number of Reviews: 45 (on Goodreads)

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The walk of shame.

Ah, yes, there’s nothing quite like shamelessly letting yourself be dragged off to a storage closet by a younger man to really put the cherry on top of your humiliation sundae. It’s been a long, slow trip to the bottom, but I’ve finally reached my limit. After spending the night with Christopher Fellows, and slinking out of his apartment in the wee hours of the morning, I have no choice but to take a serious look at myself. It’s time for a change. A real life overhaul, full of self-development, healthy living, and all that other stuff that’s supposed to be good for you. And what better way to find yourself than with a vow of celibacy and a trip to Belize? The way I figure it, if you’re going to get your act together, you might as well begin with a tropical jaunt to paradise to start your transformation off on the right foot.

What could possibly go wrong?

*Please note this novella has been previously released in the Feel the Heat Anthology.

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