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Hey everyone-

Well, it's happened, I've managed to babble my way through another video with zero lighting, microphones, or stage. It was just me and my trusty computer. This is a fun experiment for me, and I enjoy doing it, it feels more like we're having a conversation and less like I'm talking to you.

Today's video is brought to you by the Something New series and I talk about the back story of how the books got their Abba titles. I also talk about my favorite comfort movie.

If you're interested in the two versions of Pride & Prejudice I talk about you can find them here:

The Original
The BBC version

I hope you had fun watching! So here's the thing, I'm going to keep doing these videos, ideally once a month, so send in your questions and I'll be sure to answer them. You can send me messages on Facebook, Twitter, in my Facebook Reader Group, or through the contact form If you get my monthly newsletter you can just hit the reply button and send me an email and it will land right in my inbox.

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Talk to you soon, don't forget to send in those questions.

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