Out of Her League

Out of Her LeagueSeries: Love & Other Disasters #2Release Date: April 14, 2017Genre: adult, contemporary romanceOrder: Amazon|Barnes & Noble|Kobo|iTunes|Google PlayLook, I get it, I’m not asking for miracles. I might be a closeted hopeless romantic, but I’m also a realist. I don’t need fireworks. I’m […]

Walk of Shame

Walk of ShameSeries: Love & Other Disasters #1Release Date: Janauary 10, 2017Genre: adult, contemporary romanceAverage rating on Goodreads: 3.73 starsNumber of Reviews: 43 (on Goodreads)Order: Amazon|Barnes & Noble|Kobo|iTunes|Google PlayThe walk of shame. Ah, yes, there’s nothing quite like shamelessly letting yourself be dragged off to […]