Top 5 Podcasts I Love Right Now

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The Non-Writing Edition

Do you love podcasts? Because I do. See, here’s the thing, as much as I love audiobooks, it’s not always convenient for me to listen to them, especially during hectic, heavy activity times like homework and dinner. That’s when I turn to podcasts to fill the void.

What I love about them is that there is literally something for your every mood.  I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know because podcasts aren’t exactly new. I just happen to be having a torrid affair with them right now. But, unlike most torrid affairs, I have no desire to keep my desires hidden away.

No, I want the world (or at least my tiny part in it) to share in my passion, and roll around in my lust. Okay, obviously my writer’s brain is taking over, and I’m getting a little dramatic. But I really want to share the podcasts I’m most in love with right now in case you were looking for something to listen to.

This list changes, based on my mood and current fixations, but these are my current Top 5. There’s a little something for everyone, I promise. Here we go!

Slate's Political Gabfest

Slate Political Gabfest- It’s a crazy time in politics, and I won’t lie, a bit scary. In a time when our country feels volatile and on the verge of unrest, this Podcast helps keep me sane. With everything that’s happening, I feel it’s more important than ever we pay attention because our rights are at stake. This weekly podcast covers what’s going on, not only in politics, but in the courts, and has helped me stay abreast of the biggest stories of the week. I love the hosts and their chemistry together. They have great discussions and debates which are not only informative but enjoyable. I will admit that it’s left leaning, but there are still a wide range of views, and I continue to learn a lot about the way things work.

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Cracked Podcast

The Cracked Podcast- I’m not sure what I’d call this Podcast, maybe pop culture? I think that’s what they classify it as. Hosted by the Chief Editor of Crack it’s a small group of people discussing some random subject. Topics range from narcissism in our society, to movies that teach men horrible lessons about sex. What I love about listening to this group is you feel like you’re sitting around the table with them and part of the discussion. The host, Jack O’Brien, also plays some great music, that I’m not the target market for, but still find fun. As a bonus, I’ve learned a lot of random trivia facts from this podcast, which makes me a hit with at parties.


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Tanis and Black Tapes

Tanis & The Black Tapes- I only include these together because they are put out by the same production company and similar, not in story, but in presentation. They are both excellent, engaging and slightly spooky serial stories. If you’ve been wanting to listen to a serialized story, I highly recommend starting with these. Both Podcasts have an overarching story line, and are filled with scary details, conspiracy, and the Paranormal. What I also love about them is that they both weave real urban legend type stuff into the storytelling. Once I was listening to Tanis while walking my dog and they were talking about that YouTube video with the girl on the elevator that looks terrified, and ends up murdered in a very mysterious way. I became so fabulously creeped out I kept looking behind me to make sure I wasn’t being followed. I love them both equally and am slightly jealous of you if you haven’t listened to them yet, since you have many hours of fun ahead of you. If you’re brave—you can watch the video here, but I will warn you it’s pretty scary:

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Sleep With Me

Sleep with Me- Okay this one is totally different because the entire purpose of the podcast is to help you fall asleep. So, you know those people that say, “I was asleep before my head hit the pillow”? Yes, well, I have never— in my entire 45 years— had that happen to me. Some of my earliest childhood memories are of people trying to get me to go to sleep. Even if I’m completely exhausted it takes me about 45 minutes to an hour to get to bed. So, needless to say, over the years I’ve become a bit of an expert on management tools to help me drift off into slumber. Sleep with Me is one of my tools. The host, Scooter, tells a long, rambling, tangent based story that is engaging enough your mind doesn’t drift, but not so exciting it keeps you awake. When I use it, I’ve never made it through an entire episode, which I know Scooter would consider a huge compliment.

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My Favorite Murder

My Favorite Murder- This is my absolute number one podcast right now. I love it so much, I can’t even tell you. This is like going to a bar with your favorite inappropriate friends and discussing gruesome murder over martinis. What I love about the Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstack is that you can tell they are friends, and the way they laugh with each other makes me laugh too. They are just two girls, obsessed with murder that decided to do a podcast and fell into huge success. You can tell how off the cuff they are and I giggle every time they say something and then go, “wait, should we edit this out? Yeah, let's cut this.” I love their girl power, valley girl way of talking, how revealing they are, and how they laugh through their sponsorship ads. Okay, yes, they do talk about murder, but somehow it manages to be super fun at the same time. Oh and they have the best tag line ever! Stay Sexy, Don’t get Murdered. (As soon as they put it out, I’m sooooo buying the t-shirt.)

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There’s the list! So, what do you think? Have you listened to any of these before? Do you share my love or have you read my list and determined I have horrible taste in Podcasts? Are there any that you think I should listen to ASAP? Come on, please? Tell me, tell me, tell me! I’m always on the look out for more, and as you can tell, my tastes are vast. So share with me in the comments below.

I’m listening.



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