Dirty Little Secrets

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Picture this.  My husband is invited to an exclusive leadership conference for his company. This is a big deal as they only select twenty people out of thousands to attend the year-long program.  My talented husband gets the call, and the first thing they do is provide him with a brand new, shiny  Kindle Fire for all the materials and books he is required to read.  So, being a good wife, I set it up for him through our Amazon account.

He opens it up for the first time.

His eyes go wide.

He hands it back to me.  “Jennifer, I cannot go to this conference with a Kindle Fire filled with NAKED EMBRACING MEN.”

Oh.  Oops… Secret guilty pleasure discovered.

Thankfully, after fifteen years of marriage to me, nothing phases him anymore, but he was quite curious as to why his straight wife was apparently a hoarder of gay romance. Of course, it was my duty to inform him that it wasn't  gay romance– it was GAY FOR YOU ROMANCE.

He, uh, didn't understand the distinction.

But as readers, I trust you understand.  All the sudden you discover a category of books previously unknown to you. It's new, and different, and exciting so you glom onto every single one you can find, turning into a glutton. And that summer, I could not get enough Gay For You romance novels!

In honor of our guilty pleasures I thought it would be fun to share my Top 3 favorite Gay For You Romances:

Str8te Boys, by Evangeline AndersonStr8t Boys


Oh, Duke and Mav, how I love thee. You always remember your first, and this book is the one that started it all.

So, I will be the first to admit it; this book is a bit ridiculous and pretty silly. It's the story of two college boys that are best friends, and one of their fun, straight boy games is to play gay chicken.  Gay chicken involves moving closer and closer together until one of them decides it's “too gay” and breaks.  But, of course, they are majorly competitive, macho rugby players and they keep trying to one-up each other until they're rubbing their cocks together and coming all over the place.  I rate this book a 10/10 on my guilty pleasure scale because it's pure silly, gluttonous fun. Total fluff. Cotton Candy for your brain. The perfect read when you're tired and want to lay in bed and forget the world.

Hot HeadHot Head, by Damon Suede


Hot guys. Check

Firefighters. Check

Photo shoot that forces gay interactions. Check

Our next story features another set of best friends, firefighters Griff and Dante, both into the ladies, but harboring secret feelings for each other neither is quite sure they want to face.  When Dante gets into some financial trouble, Griff agrees to participate in a male on male photo shoot to help pay Dante's debt. What else are best friends for?  This straight guy for the gay guy photo opt appears to be a common troupe in the gay for you romance as it's featured in both this book and Str8te Boys. Apparently that's the only way to get guys to touch each other– when money is involved. One of the things that I love about this book is that it's written by an actual MAN and, as a result, there is a lot more man stuff in the book. These guys are not smooth operators. They are not gods. They are not billionaires. They are just regular dudes getting it on and finding true love where they least expect it. I rate this book 8/10 on my guilty pleasure scale, because while there is good mind candy fun, there are also some serious themes, including a character that is the victim of a gay-bashing hate crime.

Faith&Fidelity Faith & Fidelity by Tere Michaels


This is the most serious book on the list, and one of my favorite romances. I've probably read it a million times (No, I am not prone to exaggeration.).  It's classified in my guilty pleasure list only because it hits the Gay For You romance troupe, but it is a deep and moving love story.  This book features our heroes Evan and Matt, who both identify as very heterosexual.  Evan lost his wife in a car accident, and Matt is depressed, his career is in the shitter and feels aimless and ineffectual. These two lonely, depressed men bond over weekly beer and buffalo wings and gradually realize somewhere along the way they have developed feelings for each other beyond friendship.  This felt like a very real book to me, and I loved watching Matt and Evan trying to figure out what this all means, and how to go about all this gay sex stuff.  I rate this book 5/10 on my guilty pleasure scale for the simple reason that I loved watching them fool around and be surprised that they were turned on by each other.  But ultimately this is a book about love, and finding your way out of the darkness and into the light. I also want to note that this is the first book in the series, and the other books are just as awesome.

So how did I end this summer of gay for you love? Well, obviously there's only one acceptable answer for a writer type– by trying to write my own. The one thing that bugged me when I was busy reading every gay for you story I could find was how many cliches existed. Like, what was with all the crying?  It reminded me of that Seinfeld episode where Jerry dates the crying actress who cries when she drops a hot dog or her shoelace breaks.

So, me, being me, decided I wanted to write about two alpha guys.  I know, I know, this is totally shocking, right? I wrote two whole chapters, and had good intentions, but then I sold my books to Kensington and deadlines called and I abandoned the story. But, I thought it would be fun to share those two chapters with you guys.  It's untitled, unedited and untested, but I trust you all can see past all that and read it in the spirit it's intended.  As fun!

Read My Gay For You Chapters

Gay For You Fun by Jennifer Dawson


So check it out- and let's have some fun with this- you tell me, should I finish it?  Let me know in the comment section.  Talk soon!



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  1. Nicole Newman

    Evangeline Anderson is one of my favorite authors. I have read Str8t Boys! Her Brides of the Kindred series is #awesome. I look forward to reading books from you, I have a couple in my to be read pile on my Kindle. I really love reading your Newsletters! I love that you share what you enjoy reading and the personal story about your husband and the Kindle Fire makes it feel like I’m reading a letter from a friend. I’m enjoying getting to know you.

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