Release Day Giveaway UNRAVELED, Undone #2.5

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Today marks the release of UNRAVELED #2.5 in the Undone series. Come spend Valentine's with Layla, Michael, Jillian, Leo and their friends Ruby and Chad. UNRAVELED promises a night of firsts, discover and sheds like on previous relationships. While UNRAVELED could be read as a standalone for fun, it isn't meant to be a standalone and is a bridge book for DEBAUCHED, Undone #3. I hope you have fun spending the night with these characters.



Series: Undone #2.5

Release Date: January 19, 2016

Genre: adult, contemporary romance


Average rating on Goodreads: 4.10 stars

Number of Reviews: 33 (on Goodreads)

Order: Amazon |Barnes & Noble |Kobo |iTunes |Google Play

Valentine’s night. Three women. A hot new club where anything can happen.

After a life changing tragedy Layla Hunter is finally happy. Michael Banks has pulled her back from the dead and given her a love she’d thought was lost to her forever. Now, all she wants is to return the favor and give him the one thing she swore she’d never do again.

Jillian Banks is up for absolutely anything and her smoking hot fiancé, Leo Santoro, is determined to give it to her. After exploring her fantasies in the privacy of her own home, Jillian’s ready for more and Leo is going above and beyond to make her happy. In return, she’ll do anything to make him proud.

Ruby Stiles isn’t sure what she’s doing at a sex party at one of Chicago’s most anticipated new clubs. Currently she’s blaming it on curiosity. All she wants is to disappear into the background, only her emotions have decided to go on a roller coaster ride and the last thing she expects is for Chad Fellows to pick up the pieces.

Sometimes even the best laid plans unravel…



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