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It’s hard to believe that it’s already holidays, isn’t it? Where has this year gone? I don’t know but you but I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with holidays.

I love giving presents to my friends and my family. I love seeing people who I may have not seen through the year at holiday parties. I love Christmas picture cards that allow me to see how kids I’ve known since a baby have grown and changed as time goes on. I love Christmas movies and listening to my family laugh in the same parts of Elf every year. But most of all I love the expression of excited joy on my kid’s faces Christmas morning.
But with all that love comes a few downsides. The holidays are hectic, especially for us women. The stress of parties, presents, food and cookies usually falls on us. And then there’s the financial stress of trying to give your family a great Christmas on a budget. It’s so easy to lose sight of yourself during this time of year. It’s so easy to put yourself last as you struggle to take care of everything.

So that’s what this contest is all about. You have all been so wonderful and supportive this year and I want to give something back. I want you to get something fun to ease some of that not so fun stuff that comes with the holiday season. And, I want to give you the opportunity to do the exact same thing for someone important in your life.

With that, I present our end of year gift of gratitude giveaway

Today I am very excited to be hosting the Share the Read Holiday Giveaway. From now until December 18th you can enter to #win a Kindle Fire loaded with all of my books and a Kindle Fire to give. You'll receive them in time for the holidays, letting you and someone special enjoy them under the tree.


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One winner will receive 2 Kindle Fires loaded with all of my released books. One for themselves and one to give. Open to US residents only.

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Share the Read Holiday Kindle Fire

Thank you again for all of your love and support. I am so grateful I’ve been given the opportunity to write for you. My wish is that I provide you with hours of happy entertainment that allow you to escape into another world for a while, and I hope I’ve done that for you. Thank you for reading, liking, sharing, and reviewing. I appreciate every single one of you and wish you a very happy holiday.


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39 Responses to “Share the Read Holiday Kindle Fire #Giveaway”

  1. Lisa VH

    I love holiday movies. We make popcorn and sit as a family and watch old movies I remember watching as a kid.

  2. Stephanie Chapman

    I really enjoy the holidays, family friends food and the gathering, but my real joy comes in remembering the real reason for Christmas and keeping that in my heart and sharing this with my family and friends. Merry Christmas to all and God Bles

  3. Linda Romer

    My favorite thing about the holidays is all the pretty chistmas lights and decorations ♡ Thank you

  4. Christmas is my favorite holiday! I love making the wonderful memories with my little guy. We make cookies, decorate the tree… And our FAVORITE is driving around looking at all of the Christmas lights! Here we have something called Light Fantasia where you drive through the park and there are light displays everywhere! It’s awesome!

  5. Corey Clancy

    I love seeing my daughters’ faces Christmas morning when they see what Santa brought them. I love the lights, the sales, the cheer, the friends, the family, the hope, the goodwill, everything but getting sick due to the weather changing as fast as flipping a light switch. We live in SE Louisiana and have the ac on today. Just a few days ago we had the heater on. Ugh.

  6. Deanne Patterson

    My favorite thing about the holidays is the bonding we do when all of us are together. We bake together and catch up on each others lives.

  7. Andra Dalton

    My favorite thing about the holidays is getting together with all my family, friends, & loved ones!!! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win & good luck to all who enter!!! Happy Holidays!!!:)

  8. Kim M

    I love decorating the house and looking at all the Christmas lights. I also like wrapping presents. Christmas morning is awesome, when the kids wake up and rip open their presents.

  9. Kathy Davis

    I love the excitement in the air. I like to hear the Salvation Army bells ringing. And, I love to give presents.

  10. Linda Herold

    I like the festive music that I remember listening to when I was little. My parents had a Ray Coniff Christmas album that we played a lot.

  11. Kerry K

    My favorite thing about the holidays is having all my kids home. I have one overseas, one a state away an one at home. It’s nicer when we are all together again. Sadly not this year though they will all be gone this year.

  12. My absolute favorite thing about the holidays is getting to spend time with my family and finding that perfect gift that you know will wow that someone

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