Excerpt from The Name of the Game “How do I Look?”

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I've got another excerpt to share with you today from The Name of the Game, book three in the Something New series. See how Gracie reacts when James tells her she looks nice. Enjoy!


Mini Excerpt #2


He gave her his most pleasant smile, the one he reserved for alumni parties when faced with a large donor to the University. “You look quite nice, Gracie.”

“Whatever! I don't need your approval.” She flounced away and a second later the bathroom door slammed shut.

Mitch shook his head. “God, you're an idiot.”

“What? I complimented her.” James took a sip of his wine— well, a gulp really. She was the unreasonable one here, not him.

Cecilia raised a brow. “You told her she looked nice.”

He was lost. Again. “Yeah? So?”

Maddie huffed, shaking her head like he was too stupid to live.

James adjusted his glasses and sighed. Maybe he was. Clearly his experiment had failed and he didn’t even understand why. He might have a Ph.D. but the inner workings of Gracie’s mind thwarted him. Hoping for a little male comradely, he looked back and forth between Mitch and Shane. “I don't get it. What's wrong with nice?”

Before they could answer, Gracie stomped back into the room, her boot heels hard, angry jabs on the newly stained wide planked wood floors. “You don't tell a woman she looks nice. Grandma's are nice. Puppies are nice.”

“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.” He cringed at the condescension in his tone. Unfortunately, old habits died hard.

“I am not stupid.”

“Don’t twist my words.” Anger stirred hot in his chest and he squashed it down. He would not give in. He was in control here. He drained his glass, much faster than he should have considering his light lunch this afternoon.

“How can you be thirty-four and be so clueless about women?”

“I can assure you I’ve told plenty of women they looked nice without them throwing a hissy fit.”

Two splotches of pink stained her cheek. “I am not throwing a hissy fit.”

“Most women would say thank you and go about their business. But not you, no, you have to make a big deal about the fact that I’m not fawning all over you.”

On the couch the two couple's attention bounced back and forth between James and Gracie as though they were watching a tennis match. He should stop. He needed to stop. He was a calm reasonable man. He did not do scenes.

“I don’t want your stupid fawning. Nice is not a compliment!” She stood there, magnificent chest heaving, looking like a bull waiting to charge.

“Nice is a perfectly acceptable compliment,” he insisted stubbornly, when logic dictated he apologize and be on with it.

“You might as well say I look horrible,” she yelled.

Something snapped and he stood up, pointing at her. “Don't even give me that load of crap when you don't give a fuck what I think.”

“You’re right, I don’t,” she shouted.

“Let’s calm down,” Shane said.

“Stay out of it,” James said, cutting a menacing glare at his brother before shifting back to Gracie. “Then what are we arguing about? Because I sure don’t get it.”

She crossed her arms. “Nothing. Forget it. Let’s go.”

“Fine,” he said, all his good intentions shot to hell.

She stomped past him. “This should be fun.”

He gave her a snide, once over. “I’m sure it will be real nice.”

Poor James and Gracie. I hope you enjoyed the excerpt and cannot wait for you to meet them.  The Name of the Game, the third book in the Something New Series releases Tuesday, September 29th..preorder your copy today.


The Name of the Game

The Name of the Game

Series: Something New #3

Published by Kensington

Release Date: September 29, 2015

Genre: adult, contemporary romance

Pages: 352


Average rating on Goodreads: 4.00 stars

Number of Reviews: 171 (on Goodreads)

Order: Amazon |Barnes & Noble |Kobo |iTunes |Google Play

Some people follow the rules. . .

A professor of forensic anthropology, James Donovan is the reasonable sibling among the passionate, impulsive Donovans. But there's nothing reasonable about his reaction to baker Gracie Roberts. She's all wild curls and mouth-watering curves, as deliciously tempting as the sugary treats she's famous for--and twice as irritating. But before long, James decides that getting a taste of her is one indulgence he can't pass up. . .

Some people play to win. . .

Independent, smart, and sexy, Gracie's year-long dry spell has her itching for a man. Responsible, health-obsessed James? Not in a million years! She needs a guy who knows how to let loose! But when James sets out to show her just how satisfying a disciplined man can be when pleasure is at stake, she learns just how sweet--and spicy--he really is.

Have James and Gracie found the recipe for love

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